Dreaming of that Cityscape

Fashion Portfolio

High waisted shorts I made from a 70s pattern.

I designed the print and dyed the fabric using the Batik method.

Top inspired by the graphs of a cubic function and a parabola.

Tutu Dress inspired by Polar equations.

The first dress I made without a pattern.

Mini denim peplum dress that I made from a few pairs of old jeans.

Molecule Shorts inspired by the organic chemistry shorthand for Serotonin

Junior year prom dress! Made my own pattern and finished the night before.
Fence dress made from wire and handmade fabric flowers.
Futuristic duct tape dress inspired by modern architecture. Other materials include wire and a recycling bin.
Dress based on the graph of an absolute value function, y=|x|.
Marie Antoinette inspired dress I made after reading Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution. This dress won a finalist position in the SCAD Fashion Challenge 2013.
photo by Mike Brousseau
iConcept 2013- My dress Put Your Records On made of Vinyl Records and CDs (and some cassette tape tape layered over duct tape).
Senior prom dress inspired by the concept of an infinite geometric series. 
Fabric collage Cut From the Same Cloth made for the Embracing our Differences exhibit.

Blinded by the Light dress made out of vinyl window blinds for iConcept 2014